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This community is for those that ship the pairing of River/Jayne in the Firefly 'verse.

Co-Moderated by neroli66 and bugchicklv

Main Rules:
Be gentle with your fellow posters.
Disagreements are allowed, flaming is not.
Constructive criticism is allowed, abuse is not.

General Story Posting Guidelines:
These are just guidelines, they make finding that certain story written by your favorite fanfic writer easier to do and/or help the other members of the community decide if it is something they wish to read. If you don't use them you won't be banned, but it does make the community look more inviting so please, at least try?

Name of story in subject line of post, also recommend putting author name and series title if applicable.

Series Title: (if applicable)

Please, warn if there are spoilers or if it is over an PG-13 rating.

Put stories behind cut tags. Unless they are G rated drabbles with no spoilers, that's the only cut tag exception.

If linking to your own journal, link directly to the story, not just to your journals main page. Include a separate link (doesn't have to be in a separate post, just needs it's own link is all) to each chapter if it is a multiple part story.

Tagging your entries.
Please be sure to tag your entries correctly. See this post for a list and their proper usage.

Challenge Posting Rules:
We need to know who wrote what for which challenge so if you don't use this format it won't go into Challenge Master List.

Name of the story and challenge must be in subject line, and you should also include it in your Author's Notes so that I can find it later.

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Not just for Firefly ships, but a great resource for ships in many fandoms, ship_manifesto.

I've added the Firefly specific ones to our community memories here, Firefly Ship Manifesto's. Sadly, no one has done a River/Jayne one yet.

Special thanks to inalasahl for letting me steal borrow her idea of adding a master pimp list to the group. :-D

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