latemarch (latemarch) wrote in rayne_shippers,

2013 October Writing Challenge!

Hey everyone! Can you believe that we're back for our fourth year already?

We're looking to repeat another successful, fun month of writing in October -so of course we'd love to include as many wonderful authors as possible!

Write 10 entries of 1000 words or more - whether they be updates for your novels or one-shots, and one original story that is 6,000 or more words! The last entry gets to be in the theme for the year, which is announced on Oct. 1st! Fulfilling all the entries isn't mandatory (though you do get a nifty banner if you do) - all we ask is that you try! If we can help even one person get back on track with their writing, then we're happy! :)

Not convinced yet?

October Writing Challenge is a great place to give/receive feedback, as well as meet other writers! We encourage all members to comment on entries and cheer each other on as we make our way towards the end of the month.
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