morning_respite (morning_respite) wrote in rayne_shippers,

Story help

So I really need to save copies of all these stories I love. I keep loosing them.
Does anyone know of a Rayne fanfiction that starts something like "she loved the ship, but she loved the boy more."?
It is post BDM, and River is the pilot, the crew are all treating Jayne badly because of their relationship, giving him the worst, most dangerous jobs. So River pilots Serenity to a moon, where another ship which recently lost crew will also be landing, packs up their things and leaves.
She leaves a note for Simon that when the parents reconcile she will come back. Simon thinks she means their parents and every week tries to wave them. Simon and Kaylee leave the ship and he starts working as a doctor on the rim. Mal goes back to Serenity Valley, until Inara goes to him, and then he works on getting the crew back.
I cannot remember the title or the author, but it was one of my favorites.
Thanks for the help!
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