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28 May 2008 @ 04:54 pm
The Great Escape 1/?  
Title: The Great Escape
Chapter Title: The Selfish Hero
Author: Tiltingreality
Characters: Definite Rayne, simon/kaylee
Word-count: 2,520
Rating: R for now but will go up later
Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing.......
Summary: AU. While planetside, Jayne rescues a damsel in distress and they end up on the run. AU means Wash and Book are still alive
Author's Note: this is a fic just for LJ and also, I started this because when my computer died it took everything with it, including the fics i was working on which i am desperately trying to rewrite in order to get them posted. I thought maybe this would help ease the wait for those of you who are waiting.

    Jayne glared across the bar at Inara and Kaylee, Inara's cutting words echoing in his ears. "You're a selfish, habitual womanizer and no woman will ever be attracted to a man like that."
Jayne gulped down his drink and barely listened to Mal and Zoe as he looked over the crowded hotel bar. He needed to find him a non-workin' type girl to test Inara's theory out on. He frowned to himself. Testing out her assumptions probably weren't the best way to get her to quit actin' like such a priss and jump in the sack with him. Especially with the moon eyes she'd been makin' at the Captain everytime they pulled some heroic type stuff-which he didn't understand since Mal was always gettin' himself shot somehow. Or into a bigger mess than he'd ever planned. Mostly it was both.
"She's in her room," said a slimy voice behind Jayne.
"And you got the key, right?"
Jayne tried to hide his smirk. He always found it funny when a man couldn't handle his woman when she got to be a handful. Women like that was all kinds of shiny in his opinion. A third voice joined the fray. "I ain't feelin' too good 'bout this-"
"Shut it, James, you'll jinx it."
Jayne poured himself another glasses of cheap rotgut and listened with mild interest. It was taking his mind of Inara, which was something he needed.
"Look, Remy, all's I'm sayin' is she's core an' that means trouble if'n we get caught."
Jayne had been in the process of bringing his drink up to his lips, but paused upon hearing that. The conversation weren't exactly headin' in the direction he had been expecting.
"Settle down, man, it'll be fine. We done this what? A hundred times an' ain't nobody got any clue it's us. We get a hold of her, have or fun with her, an' dump 'er where nobody will find her. Just cause she's core don't mean it's gonna make it harder, just means we gotta be extrat careful an' we're always careful." That voice was the one that bothered Jayne most. It was a smooth talkin' voice, belonged to the kinda guy that could  get all he wanted usin' it.
"But Remy-"
"You sayin' you'd rather go without an' just wonder what all that shiny, smooth skin feels like?"
The first man jumped back in. "We just gotta wait for her brother to go up to his room 'fore we nab her."
Jayne's stomach churned. He'd heard this kinda thing happening on the planet for a while now; Mal had warned Inara and Kaylee when they docked to be extra careful and not to go making any male friends whilst out and about Heinlein. Jayne was a man of few beliefs, but there was one that had managed to hold truer than steel in his mind: a man never ever treats a woman wrong. He don't touch her less she wants him to touch an' this did not sound like the kind of touchin' that core girl they was talkin' about would be in for.
    Jayne made a sour face at his drink. He couldn't just tell Mal and Zoe. They'd either think he was making some off color joke or bring unwanted attention. He couldn't follow them and try to keep them out of her room. Somebody might hear the ruckus he caused from beatin' them to a bloody pulp and assume either he was in on it or he was the culprit and they were the rescuers. That meant he'd have to let them nab her and wait it out until he found the right time to move in and get her from them. Jayne groaned inwardly, it would be him that had to do the rescuin' if he wanted it to go off without a hitch. He lifted his glass to finish it off and frowned at it. He weren't really in the mood for drinkin'. All the talk of roughin' up a woman had made him a mite unsettled. He slammed his glass down and stood. "I'm goin' for a walk."
"Okay," Mal said with a blink, confused by Jayne utterly dark mood. Jayne rewarded his captain with a glare and began to storm toward the door when he was waylayed by Kaylee and a very indifferent companion. Kaylee's brow furrowed in confusion. "What's wrong? Cap'n said you was gonna stay an' spend time with all a us."
Jayne shifted from foot to foot. So Inara hadn't exactly said it less than twenty-four hours ago and it had in fact been more like a month ago. So, it had caused him to spend all of his freetime in his bunk. Didn't mean the Captain had to make it out like he had some sickness that was layin' him up.
"Somethin' came up," he muttered, "gotta take care of it."
"You wouldn't happen to have to be in a whorehouse to do so, would you," Inara asked in an acidic tone. Jayne just glared at her. "See ya later, Kaylee."
He stormed off without waiting for a response, hearing Kaylee say in a worried voice, "I ain't got a good feelin' 'bout this, 'Nara. Somethin' ain't right."
He didn't wait for the companion to respond. He had more important things to worry about. Like helpin' that coregirl. He stepped out of the hotel and looked up and down the street. He needed a clear view of the place so he could know when they came out. He settled for sandwiching himself between to of the town's specialty shops and made himself comfortable amongst the shadows cast by a cluster of barrels and he began to wait. The hours ticked by slowly and Jayne began to wonder if maybe the men had lost their nerve and saved him the trouble of having to go out of his way for someone. His crew wandered out of the hotel and off toward the docks, laughing and talking. The number of people leaving had slowed to a trickle and soon the street was bare once more. Jayne took a deep breath. He hadn't had to come to some helpless female's rescue in a good while-not since before Serenity and even before the two crews before that. Jayne frowned at the memory. Why was it always the coregirls what needed rescuing? Did they teach 'em Damsel in Distress 101 at them pricey finishin' schools he heard they went to?He heard a commotion on the side of the hotel and leaned forward. The three men burst forth from the side alley, one of them carrying a limp body in his arms.
"Get in, hurry up, Remy," James hissed, glancing around fearfully as they piled into a tiny wagon. He whipped the horse into a frienzied trot. Remy snorted and settled back. "Relax, she ain't gonna wake up any time soon an' even if she did, there ain't nobody 'round to save her."
James slowed the horse some and Jayne backed down behind the shopped to the Alley that ran parallel, making sure to catch sight of them each time he came to a connecting intersection. Them drugging her actually worked to his advantage. If they had enough left on them, he could use it on them to make a clean getaway with her.
"Ain't nobody gonna be lookin' for her 'sides that stupid brother of hers an' nobody really got a good look at her aside from us an' cause we was really lookin'."
They stopped off at an overly large house just outside of the town and continued on foot. The largest of the three men, threw her over his shoulder as they gathered three large bags out of the wagon and headed off into the direction of the woods.
    The only thing Jayne really new about Heinlein besides it bein' one of the more civilized rim planets, was that the woods stretched on for miles and that its weren't just woods. Sometimes it was jungle, sometimes it was grasslands, sometimes it was mountainous terrain plagued by blizzards and avalanches. You didn't go into them woods, less you had to. Which made it the perfect place to get away with what them boys was plannin' on gettin' away with. He doubted they would venture too far into the woods.
    They settled about a mile in. Remy frowned over at her. "She ain't awake yet." He glared at his friend. "How much you give her, Walt?"
"I wanted to make sure she stayed out-you want her wakin' up an lettin' the whole town know who's behind this?" Walt slumped back against a tree by the fire and pulled his hat down over his head. "Let's just get some sleep. With the amount I gave her she ain't comin' to for a bit."
The others grunted into agreement and hunkered down. Jayne took the opportunity to creep forward and rummaged silently through the first bag he found, darting a glance up at the sleeping men every now and then. He grinned to himself in relief when he extracted four vials and a syringe from the pack. He filled the syringe all the way-if he killed any of these men, he'd be doing the 'verse a service-and clamped his hand down over the first man'a mouth and injected the full contents into his neck. His eyes rolled back in his head and he went instantly limp. Jayne raised an eyebrow. That was some high class knock out drug, which meant it must have cost a bunch, which meant them boys either had a lot of money or they had stolen it. Jayne repeated the process twice more and waited a minute to see if any of them awoke. When they remained unmoving he crouched down next to the girl. She was wearing some fancy white nightgown that he supposed was supposed to look plain. She was breathing in and out evenly, her dark hair covering her face so that all he could make out were her pink lips slightly parted in sleep. No wonder they'd been hot for her, Jayne thought to himself as his eyes immediately traveled down to her bare legs, she's awful cute. He scowled at himself and shook his head before shaking her shoulder. "Hey," he hissed. When all she did was roll away limply, he hauled her into his arms and shook her a bit more roughly, "Gorramnit girl, wake up!"
She let out a soft moan and pulled her head up to look at him with wide eyes, blinking in surprise. Jayne took her chin in hand and tilted her head back to look at her neck where he figured they'd stuck her. "You okay?"
She stared around them at their surroundings in confusion. "What-" her eyes fell on one of the men, "he..." She held up one hand and pointed to her neck. She turned back to him with her wide eyes, staring at him as if he'd hung the moon. "You came to rescue me."
He rolled his eyes and stood. "Yeah, yeah, you can thank me later, Miss...whoever you are-let's just go-"
She shook her head. "They'll find me if I go back."
"Well, look, I crew a ship and you can stay on board till morning an' whatnot if it'll make you feel safer-"
"They're the sons of a parliament member's cousin, and he's governor of this planet," she whispered desperately, "I know who they are."
Her eyes became sad. "And now, so do you."
That did make things a lot uglier than he'd hoped. "Means you gotta stay hid and hidin' you on the ship with me ain't gonna do a bit of good."
She shook her head in agreement. Jayne frowned and ran his eyes over her again. "We get caught in a blizzard, yer gonna freeze ta death."

    Mal blinked in surpise when he found Inara sitting at the mess table alone. Usually Jayne was already there, eating his third plate of protein. Mal made a face and Inara shrugged. "Probably still at the whorehouse."
"Ciudad de la Paz ain't got a whorehouse," Mal replied, even more confused. "He say that was where he was going?"
Inara set down her teacup, frowning in confusion. "No, he didn't say. He just said he had to take care of something."
Mal clenched his jaw and turned back to the crew quarters. Inara jumped up and hurried after him. Mal kicked open the hatch to Jayne bunk and stuck his head in. "He ain't in here."
Inara felt herself flush with worry, and  made a face of disgust. Mal brushed past her and kicked at Zoe's hatch. Zoe opened it quickly. "What is it, Sir?"
"Jayne ain't here and there ain't no whorehouses in Ciudad de la Paz."
"I'll be up in a minute, Sir."
Inside of five minutes, the entire crew was back at the hotel. "You know, I think Jayne can take care of himself," Wash chuckled, as they combed the bar. Mal frowned.
"Maybe he checked into a room," Book suggested. Kaylee smiled hopefully at the shepard. "I bet that's what he did!"
They exited the bar and headed toward the concierge desk. There was an panicked young man in front of them. He slammed his hand down on the desk. "But she's gone!"
"Sir, you'll have to take this up with law enforcement. Possible kidnappings do not fall under hotel staff jurisdiction," the woman at the desk said calmly.
"It was a kidnapping, my sister would never run away, something happened!"
"Yes, I know, law enforcement," he groaned, "but if my parents find out I've lost her when she's in my care...she's getting married in six months!"
"Sir, this is not the responsibility of the-"
"I know," he snapped, "did you at least see her within the past twelve hours? Or see anything suspicious?"
Kaylee stugged on Inara's arm and hissed, "That don't sound like it happened too long after Jayne left."
Inara's eyes widened and she nodded. Mal leaned in close to Kaylee, "You think he took her?"
Kaylee's face contorted in shock and anger. "Hell no, Cap'n, I think he may have knowed it was gonna happen an gone ta stop it."
Mal considered her words for a moment before turning and tapping the young man on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Sir, we'd like to help you find your sister."
The young man's shoulders slumped in relief. "Oh thank god."
He took hold of Mal's hand and shook it. "I'm Simon Tam."
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SunshineAlisunshineali on May 28th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
Hi Tilt! This is a great start and an cool premise. Jayne to the rescue! :)Ali
(Anonymous) on May 29th, 2008 05:46 am (UTC)
thanks. i wanted to write a fic where river is the damsel in distress because she never is even when she is...if that makes sense.
SunshineAlisunshineali on May 29th, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
It makes perfect sense and I agree with you. It's time for a good damsel in distress/ Bad Ass Jayne to the rescue fic. In fact, I had a stressful day today (busy, good kind of stress, but still stress) so a nice fic like this is just what I need. Instead of Calgon take me away, it's Rayne take me away. :)Ali
tiltingrealitytiltingreality on May 29th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
anytime i have a bad day i'm all about rayne. it just makes you feel better.
koswarg: [jayne] ...how big a room?heron_advocate on May 29th, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
This is certainly interesting, I can't wait to see where you go with this. You might want to read it over again; there are a few mistakes (such as "mod" instead of "mood," etc). :)
tiltingrealitytiltingreality on May 29th, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
thanks. it's been fixed...if i missed anything feel free to tell me.