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FIC: Sly (River/Jayne) PG-13


Author: QueenTalya

Disclaimer: They’re not mine no matter how many times I’ve asked Santa for a Jayne

Summary: River is in a quandary

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Mention of slash pairings

Characters: River/Jayne

Notes: Just a short drabble that would not leave me alone until I wrote it. This is my first completed fic, so please be gentle with me. (Jayne can be as rough as he likes).



River was sly.


There was no doubt about it; she had always liked girls, hell as long as she could remember she’d been attracted to women. She’d even had a few relationships at the Academy, in between the cutting on her brain and torturing. Which was why this current situation was so perplexing. Why was she imagining Jayne late at night when she was working out a little tension? It made absolutely no sense at all.


But then again, Jayne was a girl’s name.

Tags: 2008: drabble (100-300 words), 2008: genre - humor
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